Explore the capital by bike!

Each bike comes with:

  • Fenders and chain cover to keep you fresh and clean.
  • A Kryptonite U-lock.
  • A bell to signal your presence and give angels their wings.
  • The name of one of Ottawa’s streets or avenues.

Our fleet

opus_ivan_11_zOpus Ivans

The perfect machine for our city.

  • Seven-speed internal gearing.
  • Roller brakes for super duper braking power.
  • Front rack or basket for your groceries or encyclopedia.
  • Aluminium frame to lighten the load.


babboe-big-bakfiets-zijaanzichtBabboe Big Cargo Bikes

Ride the best selling cargo bike in Holland!

  • Three wheels for stability and safety.
  • Can carry up to four small human beings.
  • Roller brakes for super duper braking power.
  • Volume of 276.66 litres. That’s a lot of Perrier.
  • It’s really big.


6 hours 24 hours 3 days 1 week
Opus Ivan $15 $25 $45 $70
Cargo bike $20 $30 $50


  • Riders are responsible for rental bikes while they are signed out to them. Bikes must be locked properly when not in use and should not be left outside overnight. Damaged and missing equipment will be reimbursed by the rider.
  • Follow the rules of the road. Use appropriate safety equipment, signal and be predictable.

Resources for cycling in Ottawa

Google Maps

The best online resource for bicycle route planning in Ottawa when you indicate that you are looking for cycling directions.

Cylcing on the Capital’s Pathways

A list of scenic bike paths in Ottawa and Gatineau from the National Capital Commission.

Cycling Skills: Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling

This detailed handbook from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation describes the rules and safety guidelines you should follow while you ride in Ottawa.